Выпускной вечер жизни…

Коллекция отличных, редких и эмоциональных гифок (gif, видеороликов), а также юмор в Телеграм канале КОЛЛЕКЦИЯ @collection_good.

Кэйтлин (возраст - 14 лет) уже умерла (30.03.2013 г.).  Но незадолго перед этим, лучшие друзья и персонал больницы решили приготовить ей сюрприз и устроить персональный выпускной вечер. Соседняя с Кэйтлин палата (в отделении интенсивной терапии. У Кэйтлин рак кости.) была переоборудована и наполнена атмосферой настоящего выпускного. Её не стало спустя 4 дня.

Чтобы Кэйтлин раньше времени не увидела сюрприз, было решено заклеить прозрачные двери цветной бумагой. Katelyn Норман скончалась в пятницу утром после двухлетней борьбы с раком кости, в соответствии с WBIR.

Katelyn is suffering from osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer that will soon take the young woman’s life cruelly away from her. She has been fighting the disease for months, but last week it was revealed that her chemotherapy treatments were no longer working. Despite this grave and disastrous news, Katelyn remained positive and decided to write her up her bucket list which included a slow dance, last kiss, and a date to the prom.

An aggressive and fatal bone cancer has weakened Katelyn's body, but it hasn't kept the 14-year-old from fulfilling her bucket list, WATE reported. Going to prom was at the very top of her list, so when her physicians said she was too sick to leave her hospital bed, hundreds of supporters devised a way for her to still celebrate the monumental moment.

Tragedy as cancer sufferer, 14, dies just days after she was granted a dream prom in her hospital room as part of her bucket list

  • Katelyn Norman suffered from osteosarcoma for two years and doctors told her last week that there was nothing more they could do
  • She drew up a bucket list of activities, including attending a prom
  • It was held in her hometown on Tuesday but she had to be hospitalized 
  • Just hours after her death, a fundraising event organized to send her to Italy instead turned into a celebration of her life

A 14-year-old cancer sufferer who touched the hearts of people across the country with her unwavering determination to complete a bucket list before her death has passed away.

Katelyn Norman died peacefully at East Tennessee Children's Hospital at 8.19am on Friday . She had been fighting osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer, for two years but doctors told her it had spread to her heart, arteries, pelvis and spine and that there was nothing more they could do.

On learning the prognosis, Katelyn drew up a bucket list of activities she hoped to complete, including a slow dance, learning to drive a car, spending a day with each of her siblings and visiting Italy.



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