Телевидение в 1940 — 1960-х годах

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Желание смотреть фильмы с хорошим звуком и изображением, не выходя из дому, возникало, наверное, одновременно с открытием первых кинотеатров. Однако путь к воплощению этого желания предстоял долгий.

Chicago circa 1960. "Educational tapes." Specifically the "Electronic Educator" tape cartridge system, sharing space with a Fisher Stereophonic Master Audio Control, Sherwood tuner and RCA Victor Deluxe color TV, as well as drawer-mounted reel-to-reel and turntable. 4x5 inch acetate negative.

Columbus, Georgia, circa 1960. "Portable TV." RCA Victor "Sportable" TVs, the Research Department informs us. The set so light, you can lift it with three hands! 4x5 acetate negative from the News Archive.

Columbus, Georgia, circa 1957. "TV classroom." Today's lesson: "What is an insect?"

March 10, 1948. Washington, D.C. "Griffith Consumers Co. -- Exterior of Dumont Television WTTG, 12th Street."

April 1958. "James Garner on the set of the television show Maverick."

August 5, 1959. "Russians looking at television sets and radios at the USSR Exhibition in Sokolniki Park, Moscow, next to the American National Exhibition."

October 1957. "The Lemon family of Little Rock, Arkansas -- father Fred, mother Edith, daughters Virginia and Rosemary, and son Gary -- at home; in front of state capitol building; on streets of Little Rock." From photos by John Vachon for the Look magazine assignment "Members of the Mob."

July 12, 1950. "Hilda Kassell, East 53rd Street, New York City. Father reading newspaper, two children viewing television." The test-pattern tone is especially hypnotic this morning.

"Fleetwood television circa 1960." Studio of Gordon Burt, Wellington, New Zealand. We don't guess this would stream Amazon or Netflix.

1960. "Airline hostesses Sue Pharris, Sharon Moore and two other women watching the Jack LaLanne physical fitness show and exercising." From photos taken to illustrate the Look magazine article "TV's Nature Boy." Among this picture's mid-century markers: Polka-dots, a pole lamp, rabbit ears, flip-flops, sliding glass doors.



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